The BRACE Character Profile™ profiles patterns of maladaptive thought, behavior, and motivation. It is designed to profile the “virtual character” that exists in the imagination of one or more people. This “virtual character” need not exist in reality. In fact, this character does not exist in reality --- it is a character as it exists in the mind of one or more people.

The point of this disclaimer is to make it explicitly clear that what the BRACE Character Profile™ generates is merely a figment of someone’s imagination. Even the virtual character reflected is distorted to the degree that the instructions are not followed or poor critical thinking skills are applied by those determining the ratings. Those supplying the ratings are responsible for both the quality of the results and how the results are used. BRACE™ Analysis accepts no responsibility for the input ratings people provide, whom people choose to rate, or how people use the results of their ratings. BRACE™ Analysis makes no claims or guarantees related to the usefulness of output graphics or the accuracy of any related narrative analysis. Neither may have any basis in reality. The only guarantee BRACE™ Analysis makes is that the output graphics will be generated by the input ratings.

The BRACE Character Profile™ is just a tool that organizes bits and pieces of information provided into a potentially useful format. Those providing the input ratings and the end users assume all related ethical, moral, and legal liabilities. Consequently, BRACE™ Analysis disclaims any and all implied warranties including, without limitation, warranties of fitness for a particular purpose. Russell L. Smith, BRACE™ Analysis, its officers, consultants, and management will not be liable to you or anyone else for consequential, incidental, indirect or special damages arising out of the BRACE Character Profile™ you create, your interpretation or uses of any graphics generated, or any analysis of your ratings or related graphics conducted by BRACE™ Analysis or anyone else.

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