Biographical Sketch for Russell L. Smith, M.S.

(In memory of Russell. A seeker of truth.)

Russell L. Smith, M.S. is a Certified Health Services Provider-Psychological Associate (HSP-PA).

Russell has over 30 years of experience developing and implementing individual, group, and system wide programs, from the backwards of large mental institutions ... to state-of-the-art mental health programs for criminal justice populations and community based programs for special populations (e.g., dually diagnosed, Developmental Disabilities, Autism). Russell developed the cognitive-behavioral-existential model first known as Behavioral Relativity, then Behavioral Relativity and Behavioral Economics, and now known as BRACE® -- i.e., Behavioral Relativity and Cognitive Economics. BRACE® has been successfully implemented in public and private, for-profit and not-for-profit service delivery systems.

Russell also developed the BRACE Character Profile® and the BRACE® Work Adjustment Profile. Various applications of the BRACE® model have been presented at the local, state, and national levels (e.g., criminal profiling, addictive processes, executive management, crime prevention, therapeutic horticulture ... in the BRACE FAQ section see: When and where has BRACE been presented professionally?) Russell’s interests are reflected in the BRACE® model, which extends the basic principles of learning to the domain of the imagination. Russell’s current focus, the BRACE Character Profile®, was as much influenced by the ancient wisdom of Solomon as it was by either Pavlov or Skinner. Basic human nature and the basic principles of learning have not changed in the last 3000 years.

Biographical Sketch for Barbara C. Smith, B.A.

Barbara C. Smith, B.A., has developed and managed comprehensive service delivery systems serving as few as 12 clients to comprehensive service delivery systems serving hundreds of clients. Barbara is an active manager, comfortable supervising a wide range of professionals, who knows how to “get the job done” in a positive and professional manner. Her management experience ranges from being a Licensed Nursing Home Administrator serving people with mental retardation to being Executive Director of a 501 (c) (3) serving individuals with Autism or mental retardation with communication disorders. Barbara brings to management a record of successes, strong advocacy for her clients, support for her employees, and a commitment to quality services, honesty, and cost-effectiveness.

Links of Interest

See the BRACE Services page and the Client Area for free downloads.

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Palaces, Temples, and Toombs


The links below are to nine entries on a so-called blog located at, posted by Knot4u2no. The first eight entries present a comparison analysis of the BRACE Character Profiles® of President Barack Hussein Obama, terrorist Osama bin Laden, spy Robert Philip Hanssen, and civil rights activist Mary Ellen Pleasant. The ninth entry is an addendum which presents the author’s personal opinions.










[Note: accessing the above links requires registration at]
Using the original April 2009 input ratings, the profile information in
these nine blog entries was organized into a single report in February 2012:

Barack Hussein Obama II: The Content of His BRACE Character Profile.


Jack Osborne, a correctional professional and good friend of mine, wrote a novella about a real-life budding serial killer that I consulted with him about based on the BRACE Character Profile®. Circa December 1, 2005 Jack published BLOOD RED: Genesis of a Psychopath. The Forward was written by author T.D. McKinney (see below), I did the front (the front art is an oil painting by William MacMillan) and back covers and a 134 page Appendices about the BRACE Character Profile®. Mr. John Douglas, New York Times Best-Seller author, ex-Chief FBI's Investigative Support Unit, criminal profiler, did the blurb which is on the back cover.

The following link takes you to Jack's book:


Bryan Nelson has an exceptional website that includes a BRACE Character Profile® analysis of the BTK Strangler, which was posted on the internet in MAY of 2004, nine months before BTK was identified as Dennis Lynn Rader. The input ratings for the profile were posted in a forum by members of the message board at Approximately one year after Dennis Lynn Rader’s arrest, the administrator of the Crime and Justice forum developed a consensus set of BRACE Character Profile® input ratings from three C&J forum members who had good knowledge of Dennis Lynn Rader’s criminal and public history. On February 17, 2006, the comparison analysis of known Dennis Lynn Rader’s BRACE Character Profile® with the original profile of UNSUB BTK was completed.

See for these profiles and other BRACE Character Profile® resources and profiles.


The novel Dancing In The Dark has been published by Amber Quill Press. Before reading Dancing In The Dark, Russell profiled its main characters as UNSUBS based on the input ratings of the author, T. D. McKinney, using the BRACE Character Profile®. Ms. McKinney was duly impressed with the accuracy of these UNSUB profiles. Ms. McKinney’s website is